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An invaluable asset across various industries.

Non-woven materials represent a unique class of textiles distinguished by how they are produced—instead of the customary weaving or knitting of fibers, non-woven fabrics intertwine fibers directly, using synthetic or natural fibers, or even a blend of both, tailored to the requirements of specific applications.

Unlike traditional textiles, non-woven fabrics are produced through a bonding process that utilizes heat, chemicals, or a mechanical action. This direct bonding imparts distinct characteristics to the fabric, making it an invaluable asset across various industries, from healthcare to environmental conservation.


Custom Manufactured Non-Woven Industrial Blades

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When it comes to industrial blades for cutting non-woven materials, there are a wide variety of details to consider. From the type of blade function down to the most incremental of size specifications, Leverwood is here to help. 

We manufacture a range of cutting solutions tailored for the non-woven materials sector. Our non-woven blades find applications in diverse fields, from healthcare and personal care to automotive and construction, proving essential in:

  • Personal care items such as diapers and wipes for comfort and hygiene 
  • Medical products like surgical gowns and masks for health and safety
  • Filtering systems for air and water purification
  • Geotextiles for soil stabilization and erosion control in civil engineering

Sheeter Knives

Sheeter knives come in many shapes and sizes and use a rotating motion to make continuous cuts. When you have large products that need to be cut to size quickly and efficiently, Leverwood sheeter knives get the job done.

Cross-Cut and Cut-Off Knives

Depending on what types of non-woven materials you’re processing, you may need something called a cut-off knife or a cross-cut knife. The best part? It does exactly what it says—it cuts off your product cleanly and accurately with every cut.

Serrated Knives

With our state-of-the-art CNC grinders, Leverwood can produce unlimited tooth profiles to meet virtually any application requirement. Our high-quality materials and precisely grounded serrations ensure consistent performance with every cut.

Perforating Knives

Leverwood perforating knives are designed to puncture or cut non-woven materials, imparting a perforated “tear line” in the material.  Perforating knives have a “cut and tie” specified, which is the width of the cutting teeth and the distance between these teeth.  Perforating knives allow users to tear components apart more easily.

Best Applications for Non-woven Industrial Blades

Filtering Materials

With an acute need for purity in air and water, non-woven fabrics play a critical role in filtration systems. Non-woven filters purify substances by trapping particulates, making them essential in HVAC systems, water filtration units, and even face masks.


Non-woven geotextiles are revolutionizing civil engineering and construction. Their high durability and permeability make them ideal for reinforcement, soil stabilization, erosion control, and drainage in infrastructure projects, underlining their role in sustainable development.

Medical Products

Non-woven fabrics are a standard due to their disposability, sterility, and ability to function as a barrier against microbes and infections. They are used in a range of medical products, such as surgical gowns, masks, drapes, and bandages, enhancing the safety and hygiene of medical procedures.

Personal Care Products

The comfort, softness, and absorbent nature of non-woven materials make them a preferred choice for personal care items. For example, they are integral in manufacturing diapers, feminine hygiene products, and wipes, offering a gentle yet effective solution for personal hygiene.

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Leverwood is proud to offer our customers the best industrial blade products available in the marketplace. Utilizing only the finest materials available, we ensure the most consistent dimensional accuracy in our packaging blades and other products. The results? Unparalleled lead-times and competitive pricing.

Leverwood’s stringent manufacturing processes create packaging blades that require less cutting force, produce cleaner cuts, and maximize blade life. Our in-house manufacturing also combines specialized straightening and flattening operations with sophisticated, state-of-the-art CNC equipment, which guarantees all Leverwood blades are delivered razor-sharp and burr-free.

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