Profile, Extrusion and Tube Cut-Off Blades

Leverwood profile, extrusion and tube cut-off blades provide quality cuts across a wide array of applications.

All our cut-off blades are ground “Leverwood-sharp” to provide the cleanest cuts with the least deflection in the cut. Our edge sharpness makes slicing thin wall and flexible materials a cinch, reducing scrap and down time.

Made from the finest steels, Leverwood blades adhere to strict tolerances to ensure dependable fit and function through the most tightly spaced bushings, delivering precision high-speed cutting in all downstream puller cutter systems. All blades must pass the Leverwood 100% quality inspection process.

The best part? Our cut-off blades cover a wide range of industries, including automotive, medical, construction, consumer products, and many more. No matter how standard or custom your requirements are, Leverwood has the technology to fulfill your needs.

When you work with Leverwood, we guide you through material selection and design choices that will work best with your application. You can rest assured knowing that our knives will also improve your production times due to the high quality of the cut-off blades we provide.


Custom Manufactured Cut-off Blades

When it comes to extrusion, profile, and tube cut-off blades, there are a wide variety of details to consider. From the type of blade function down to the most incremental of size specifications, Leverwood is here to help. Let us solve your applications issues.

Here are just a few examples of cut-off blades we manufacture and provide to handle a variety of applications.

Straight Edged Blades

Leverwood produces straight edged blades to work on all the major fly-knife extrusion cutting machinery brands. Our blades are well suited to cut both soft and rigid plastic profiles, formed and lined rubber products, as well as many other extruded materials.

Parison Cut-off Blades

Commonly called stab knives, jab knives, or trim knives, parison blades are an integral part of the blow molding process. This process produces hollow plastic products such as bottles, containers, automotive parts, and medical components.  Parison blades cut the parison prior to the final forming stage.

Radius Edged Blades

Leverwood radius edged blades are the perfect after-market addition to your extrusion fly-knife cutting operation. These blades are well suited to cut both soft and rigid plastic profiles, formed and lined rubber products, as well as many other extruded materials.

Specialty Blades

Need a custom cut or want to explore better options for blade life and durability? With years of experience, we can advise you on the proper precision cutting blade design to maximize your manufacturing process and meet your production goals.

Common Extrusion Terms

Plastic Extrusion Cut-off

A common manufacturing process where extruded plastic material is cut to length at the end of the manufacturing process.

Guillotine Cutters or Shears

A typical cutting application in which long or large film, foil, paper and non-woven products are cut into smaller or shorter parts as needed.

Rotary Tube Cut-off

A process that uses a rotating blade to cut plastic, rubber, or metal tubing to length.

Blow-molding Cut-off

A process in which blades are used to cut and trim parisons prior to the final blow molding forming step.

Testimonials from Our Customers

25+ years of industry experience

Why Choose Leverwood Blades?

Leverwood is proud to offer our customers the best industrial blade products available in the marketplace. Utilizing only the finest materials available, we ensure the most consistent dimensional accuracy in our packaging blades and other products. The results? Unparalleled lead-times and competitive pricing.

Leverwood’s stringent manufacturing processes create packaging blades that require less cutting force, produce cleaner cuts, and maximize blade life. Our in-house manufacturing also combines specialized straightening and flattening operations with sophisticated, state-of-the-art CNC equipment, which guarantees all Leverwood blades are delivered razor-sharp and burr-free.

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