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If you’re tired of production downtime due to faulty blades, let Leverwood’s printing knives do the job for you.

Leverwood understands the importance and nature of all edge designs and dimensional tolerances required by the printing industry. For more than 25 years, printers and converters have relied on high-quality blades and printing knives from Leverwood Knife Works to seamlessly perform in their demanding production environments.

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Printing Knives Made for Your Industry

Since its early beginnings, Leverwood has been one of the leading providers of printing knives and blades. We meticulously manufacture each printing blade from the finest materials to ensure they meet the highest quality standards that will provide consistent performance in virtually all equipment, both foreign and domestic.

The enhanced wear life provided by Leverwood’s printing blades, not only guarantees less changeover time but increases production and profitability for customers. Here are just a few types of printing blades we manufacture regularly:

Doctor Blades

If you’re in the printing business, you already know what doctor blades are. So when you need absolute precision in the thickness of ink that is spread across your rollers, let us know. Leverwood has been producing doctor blades for decades, and we’re ready to help you keep smearing to a minimum!

Folder Blades

Another popular printing blade we manufacture is what those in the printing industry call a folder blade. Even though it’s called a blade, this one doesn’t cut your products. Instead, for any paper that needs to be folded or needs a crease added, this will get the job done!

Cut-Off Knives

Depending on what you manufacture in the printing industry, you may need something called a cut-off blade. The best part? It does exactly what it says—it cuts off your product cleanly and accurately with every cut.

Perforating Blades

Similar to folder blades, perforating knives are another type of blade that does not actually cut a product. Any time you need a product to have perforations, just let us know. We can create a perforating blade to fit your exact standards.

Tucker Blades

Manufacturing and printing products require particular blade types. We’re very familiar with most printing blades—like tucker blades—and Leverwood is here to help. If you’re in the market for tucker blades to improve printing efficiency, just let us know.

Web Splicing Blades

When you’re looking to combine one smaller roll of paper onto a larger roll, we suggest using a web splicing blade. Mainly used in industrial applications, these blades will cut off the paper when it gets to the correct point in your rolls and splice it together with another one.

Wind and Rewind Blades

No matter your process in the printing industry, you likely know of wind and rewind blades. For example, if you have gift wrap and you’re printing it the entire way down the sheet, it has to be rewound onto the spool at the end. These blades will cut the paper easily so that another one can begin the process.

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25+ years of industry experience

Why Choose Leverwood Blades?

Whether you need printing knives manufactured to specific standards or you have a custom and unique cutting challenge, Leverwood is here to help. Our years of experience as a leading industrial printing blade manufacturer ensures that you are getting the highest quality blades on the market for any production application.

Leverwood’s printing knives and blades will not only exceed your printing and processing expectations, but because of our high-quality materials—such as high carbon steels, stainless steels, and powdered metals—and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes utilized, we guarantee an increase in blade life. That means cost savings to you in both blade replacement as well as machine downtime.

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