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We take pride in our distinctive range of specialized machinery and manufacturing cells, tailored to swiftly address the ever-changing demands of our dynamic customers. Our products are meticulously manufactured under rigorous quality control, adhering to OEM specifications. The majority of our knives are readily available in stock, featuring top-notch materials chosen to enhance the product’s longevity and performance. Our extensive inventory facilitates same-day shipping for a wide array of standard knives and products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Enhance your production performance by considering material upgrades, wear coatings, cryogenic treatments, and surface enhancements. Explore edge geometry adjustments, inlaying carbide or solid carbide, and even cryogenic processing for improved results. There are numerous avenues to elevate your production efficiency and quality.

Shorter lead times equate to higher machine capacity. Quicker product delivery resulting from reduced lead times enables you to minimize shelf stock and maintain smooth operational flow.

Yes, we offer vendor managed stocking programs. Ask your sales representative today if this applies to you.

Explore our range of nonstick coatings designed to minimize buildup. We provide a variety of options that can effectively reduce film accumulation on your knives. Reach out to us today to learn more!

Not at all! As a part of the EDGE Industrial Technologies portfolio, we have access to the industry’s most extensive print archive, spanning packaging, food processing, converting, and printing. Our collection boasts over 70,000 accumulated prints. Furthermore, our capabilities encompass reverse engineering and precise replication of any existing knife or blade in the market. Equipped with in-house resources like a spectrometer, optical comparator, and precision inspection tools, we are adept at identifying various knife specifications.

Certainly! We possess the capability to perform laser etching of logos, part numbers, websites, phone numbers, OEM names, or virtually any element you wish to incorporate on your knives for enhanced identification purposes.

We do have size limitations on the knives we manufacture, and these do vary by product type. As a general rule of thumb, we can manufacture straight knives up to 140” long by 6” wide. Most knives found in the market are within our manufacturing parameters.

Wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and toughness should be reviewed when considering what steels or coatings are best for your application. We offer a variety of materials, including carbon steels, stainless steels, tool steels, die steels and high-speed steels. Whatever steel your knives are made from, the odds are we stock it and can manufacture what you need.

We manufacture in Red Lion, Pennsylvania, in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch country. Our parent company, EDGE Industrial Technologies, also operates plants in Sheffield, England, and Indore, India.

Standard lead time can vary by product design, but typically, for make to order items, our lead times are 4 weeks or less. Please check with our sales team for an accurate lead time for your specific item.

Pricing is often influenced by volume – the more pieces we can run in a batch, typically the lower our production costs are. We do offer volume price breaks, and we also have a robust blanket order process available to help you take advantage of volume pricing.

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