Industrial Shear, Straight Edge, and Scraper Knife Blades

Custom, Precision-Ground Shear, Straight Edge, and Scraper Knife Blades

Leverwood’s straight edge blades are fabricated in their Red Lion, PA facility, from some of the finest quality steels in the world. As with all of Leverwood’s products, these blades are manufactured and heat treated to the most stringent quality control standards on the market. With capacities in excess of 11 feet in length and 6 inches in width, Leverwood has the capability to manufacture most straight edge blades.

In addition to its manufacturing capabilities, Leverwood offers a complete sharpening service for most of your straight edge knife blades. Leverwood’s expert technicians and state of the art grinders will restore your blades to the same consistent size, precision tolerances, and burr-free cutting performance as new.

Product examples include
  • Seal Blades
  • Doctor Blades
  • Extruder Knives
  • Tile Cutting Blades
  • Rotary Knives
  • Laminator Blades
  • Shear Blades
  • Ink Fountain Blades
  • Textile Blades
  • Roll Scrapers
  • Ice Cream Scrapers
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Quality that Lasts

Whether you are cutting, dicing, shearing, sealing or scraping, you can be sure Leverwood’s straight edge blades are the most precise, longest lasting blades available. The enhanced wear life provided by Leverwood’s blades, not only ensures less changeover time, but increases production and profitability for their customers. Contact a Leverwood Knife professional today to discuss your straight knife needs.

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