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If “good” isn’t “good enough,” you’ve come to the right place. At Leverwood Knife Works, we know there’s no need to settle for anything less than perfection when it comes to your business. That’s why our brand new laser cutting service guarantees fine-tuned accuracy and precision that’s a cut above the rest. Every time.

Laser cutting machine cutting metal
precision edge cutting

What is Laser Cutting?

When you’re looking for the closest cut with metal fabrication, a laser cutter is likely going to be your answer. Using mirrors and high-intensity light, laser cutting takes a beam of light and concentrates it down to a single pinpoint. With this laser focus, the light then becomes superheated and cuts objects with extreme precision. Unlike traditional cutting methods, laser cutting can cut as close as .002 inches!

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How Our Laser Cutting Service Can Help Your Business

Far superior to traditional metal cutting methods, our state-of-the-art CNC laser metal cutting machine can make more exact cuts than ever before. The incredible precision of the laser cutter works much more efficiently and is able to decrease production and lead times across any industry.

Custom Manufacturing Blades

It’s no secret that we’re blade experts here at Leverwood. We also understand the high demand that comes with any type of industrial manufacturing, which is why we wanted to start offering a laser cutting service to our customers.

Our laser cutter can produce high-quality, custom blades that will cut through almost any material needed. We specialize in many different blade types, so no matter the type of blade you need—or for whatever industry—we’re here to help.

Automotive Industry

Laser cutting is very prevalent in the automotive industry, and it’s obvious to see why. With so many parts and small, intricate details, there’s no better solution for your automotive needs.

As technology changes and cars become smarter with every new iteration, the need for various parts also increases. With the ability to cut a variety of materials at varying thicknesses, laser cutters are able to manufacture almost any part you need for your business more efficiently. We highly recommend that you seek out a laser cutting service like we offer here at Leverwood for your next project.

Medical Industry

Laser systems have been used in the medical field for quite some time now, not just for procedures, but also for manufacturing medical devices. There are so many small parts that require acute attention to cutting detail, that you’ll need a reliable laser cutting service to ensure quality products.

Reach out to Leverwood today and see if we’re the right fit for your business.

Aerospace Industry

When you’re a manufacturer in the aerospace industry, every part and detail is vital to get correct down the minutest of details. Not only that, but depending on funding, it’s also essential to be able to save costs and improve efficiency as much as possible. Once again, laser cutting services come to the rescue.

Before laser cutting, the process for manufacturing aerospace parts was much less efficient. Now, thanks to the ability to drill very small holes and cut a variety of difficult materials, a laser cutting service is often the answer.


What Our Laser Cutting Machine Can Handle

No matter the type of metal required, our laser cutting service has almost no limits. Laser cutting technology is a step into the future of manufacturing. Below are a few common materials we often receive laser cutting service requests for. 

Don’t see your material listed here or not sure if it’s something we can cut? Just ask!

Carbon Steel

Carbon Steel is one of the most popular materials we cut with our laser cutting machine. For different applications, we use a variety of assist gases to perfect our cutting conditions and give the ultimate finish.

Stainless Steel

Many of the blades we manufacture here at Leverwood are made from high-performance stainless steel. We precision cut the teeth on our blades every day and can use our experience to perfect your application.


While aluminum is often considered a difficult material to cut with a laser, we regularly cut a variety of grades and thicknesses with minimal burrs.

Our Process

When you’re looking for a quick turnaround on products, you’ll want to seek out the best laser cutting service you can find. With our new 5-by-10-foot CNC laser cutting machine, Leverwood can turnaround most products in just days.

Here at Leverwood, we understand how important it is to keep your businesses running smoothly. The faster process of our laser cutter allows for more capacity, providing us with the opportunity to output more products in less time. Not only does this save time, but it also saves you money and helps prevent down-time for your manufacturing business.

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