Industrial Blade Coatings & Materials

Utilizing the World’s Finest Quality Materials

Leverwood manufactures its blades from some of the world’s finest quality materials for proven maximum durability and performance.

Blades may be produced from any of the following materials:
  • High Performance Stainless Steels (300 and 400 series) – Used where strength, hardness and wear resistance must be combined with corrosion resistance. Hardness attainable up to Rc 60.
  • Tool Steels (A-2, D-2, S-7, O-1 and more) – Longer Life, Abrasive Resistant, Shock Resistant. Ability to achieve high hardness levels.
  • High Carbon/Spring Steels (1095, 1075) – Economical, pliable and resilient, high yield strength. Pre-hardened thicknesses available up to .062” in stock ready for immediate processing.
  • High Speed Steels (M-2, M-4) – Extremely tough, Withstands higher temperatures, Extremely Wear Resistant. Heat Treatable to Rc 60 and Higher
  • Powdered Metals (CPM 10V, CPM M4) – Exceptional wear resistance and good toughness make it an excellent candidate to replace carbide and other highly wear resistant materials where cost effectiveness can be demonstrated
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Specialized Custom Coatings

Leverwood also offers a wide variety of metal treatments, plating, and coatings to further enhance the performance of its products. To discover how Leverwood Knife can help maximize your production, please contact a Leverwood professional to discuss your specific material and coating requirements.

  • Teflon Coatings (Food and Commercial Grades) – Non-Stick, Non-Wetting, and Low Coefficient of Friction.
  • Nedox – Protects Against Wear, Friction, Corrosion, Sticking and Galling. Good release properties at high temperatures.
  • Titanium Nitride (TiN) and other PVD products – Non-toxic Coating, Increases surface hardness and lubricity.
  • Heat Treatment – Increases hardness and tool life.
  • Chrome Plating – Provides corrosion resistance, eases cleaning procedures, and increases surface hardness.
  • Cryogenic Treatment – Stabilizes material, reduces wear and increases tool life.

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