Leverwood Knife Works Introduces Blades for Plastic Extrusion, Profile and Tube Cut-off, Non-woven Materials

Leverwood Knife Works, a leader in custom, precision-ground industrial blades and brand of EDGE Industrial Technologies, has expanded its product portfolio to include knives used in cutting and converting non-woven materials, as well as knives used in plastic extrusion, profile cut-off, and tube cut-off operations.

“We are always looking at how we can expand our product offerings to the industries we currently serve, as well as new ones,” said Marina King, Director of Sales at Leverwood. “But we don’t stop with our standard product offerings, Leverwood experts can design and create any custom blade a customer needs. We’re excited to expand our reach within the industries we serve and will continue to develop products to meet their ongoing and evolving needs.”

Plastic Extrusion, Profile and Tube Cut-off

The new line of cut-off blades can be used in a variety of industries, including automotive, medical, construction, and consumer products. In addition to the standard line of blades, the company will work with customers on material selection and design to develop a custom blade to meet unique needs. The new cut-off blades are ideal for precision cutting of all types of extruded profiles and tubes made of plastic or rubber. The new line includes:

  • Straight Edged Blades: cut soft and rigid plastic profiles, as well as formed and lined rubber products, and work on all major fly-knife extrusion cutting machinery brands.
  • Parison Cut-off Blades: also known as stab knives, jab knives, or trim knives, they are integral to the blow molding process used to produce bottles, containers, auto parts, and medical components.
  • Radius Edged Blades: the perfect aftermarket addition to extrusion fly-knife cutting operations, they cut soft and rigid plastic profiles, as well as formed and lined rubber products.

Non-woven Materials

Unlike traditional weaving or knitting of fibers, non-woven materials are produced by directly intertwining synthetic, natural, or both fibers. This, along with a bonding process using heat, chemicals, or a mechanical action, creates a direct bond, which is beneficial to healthcare and environmental applications. As a result, specific blades are necessary to cut and convert non-woven materials.

Leverwood’s new line of knives are specifically designed for converting non-woven materials. The line includes:

  • Sheeter Knives: straight knives that rotate on cutting heads to quickly and efficiently cut material to size.
  • Cross-cut and Cut-off Knives: straight knives used in cut-off operations.
  • Serrated Knives: used for cutting tough materials, the straight knives have tooth tips and edges that penetrate the material, providing consistent clean cuts.
  • Perforating Knives: create tear lines, rather than a “complete” cut, and can be made to any “cut and tie” specification required by the application.

All Leverwood products offer unique benefits, including unmatched, Leverwood-sharpness for cleaner cuts; edges that minimize cut particulates and deflection; improved slicing for thin wall and flexible materials; and repeatability to reduce scrap and down time.

Additional information will be available and samples of these new product lines will be on display at NPE2024 in booth W5189 (Pearl Technologies).

About EDGE Industrial Technologies

EDGE Industrial Technologies is comprised of three industry leading brands – TGW International, Pearl Technologies Inc., and Leverwood Knife Works. EDGE companies are leading producers of industrial machine knives and blades, industrial punches, and related equipment, for a variety of markets, including packaging, processing, converting, printing, and general industrial applications. EDGE Industrial Technologies is a global leader in the manufacture of these products, with plants in Europe, North America, and Asia.

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