Choosing the Right Blade for Your VFFS Equipment

Potato chip bag sealed by VFFS machine

If you’re reading this article, you likely already know that “VFFS” stands for “Vertical Form Fill & Seal”. The VFFS equipment industry is a fast growing industry and utilized in the packaging of products manufactured and distributed by a vast number of companies around the world including; food processing, beverage, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and electronic to name just a few. VFFS machines are fast, cost-effective and require minimal, valuable manufacturing space.

There are many VFFS machine manufacturers to choose from.  After selecting and purchasing the VFFS machine that best fits your company’s needs, the next step is choosing the very best possible blade for your operation.

Here at Leverwood Knife Works, we create blades for various packaging machines and options every day. VFFS packaging blades are a type that we’re very familiar with, which is why we wanted to take the time to talk about them in this post.

Not All Blades are Created Equal

Here at Leverwood Knife Works, we have the ability to custom manufacture   blades for virtually all packaging machines, foreign or domestic, that will meet or exceed your expectations. With over 50 years of experience, our Leverwood sales team will work with you first to determine a configuration that will deliver you with the desired physical appearance you want for your bag or stand up pouch. Whether it is a straight or a zig zag profile that you are looking for, Leverwood Knife has the manufacturing capabilities to give you the look you desire for your packaged product.

The media being cut must also be taken in to account when determining the geometric shape of the cutting edge. VFFS technology has the ability to utilize not only plastic or film in its operation but foil, paper, and fabric as well. Each media type requiring a substantially different knife blade to achieve the same desired result.

The speed in which you plan to run your VFFS machine as well as the size of the production run can also dramatically affect your blade choice. Leverwood has a large inventory of carbon steels, stainless steels, and tool steels as well as the expertise to help in selecting the correct steel for your cutting application.

Factors to Consider

The least expensive blade does not always ensure the greatest cost savings. In fact, often just the opposite is true. Leverwood Knife Works’ high quality, long lasting VFFS precision ground knife blades reduce downtime and minimize the loss of valuable production time. This in turn, results in the potential savings of thousands of dollars in lost revenue and helps to ensure on time shipments.

Leverwood Knife Works has over 50 years of experience in the cutting tool industry. We understand that every client is different. Occasionally you may experience a unique material problem with your VFFS application that even a Leverwood premium quality knife blade needs assistance with. Leverwood has developed strong relationships with numerous coating specialists over the years who are able to assist in resolving even the toughest cutting blade challenge.

Are You Ready to Optimize Your VFFS Cutting Application?

If you need the best quality blade on the market to guarantee optimal performance of your VFFS equipment, be sure to call one of our sales team members here at Leverwood Knife Works. Do not hesitate   contact us today to learn more or to see how we can help!

When you want blades that last longer, have a cleaner and nicer-looking cut, Leverwood is the place to shop. Contact us today to learn more or to see how we can help!

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