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How Our Custom CNC Knife Grinder Can Improve the Edges of Your Industrial Blades

Close up a part of saw blade teeth isolated on white background. Blade of saw.

As one of the world’s leading industrial knife manufacturers, Leverwood Knife Works knows the importance of  precision knife-grinding machines. We provide our customers with the cutting-edge success their businesses demand. No matter what your industrial manufacturing business demands—from food processing and printing to paper cutting, packaging, and converting—Leverwood is here to help. We know that […]

Industrial Sachet Forming Knives: Everything You Need to Know and Why We Recommend Them

Blank foil sachet formed packaging or four-sided seal pouch on white background

Packaging machines—they’re essential for a lot of industrial businesses like pharmaceuticals, electronics, and more. But each machine is unique, with its own set of parameters, needs, and specifications for production. One of those production elements, industrial machine blades, also have their own set of requirements—this is where Leverwood’s expertise comes in. From film wrapping to […]

Medical Packaging Industry Trends for 2021

Sterile medical products in packaging

For most people and American businesses, 2020 was a rough year. Between the COVID-19 pandemic, politics, shut-downs, and more, there was a lot to get through—and that was no different for pharmaceutical packaging equipment manufacturers. Thankfully, 2021 is already well on its way to being a more positive year! Here at Leverwood, we’re always working […]

Leverwood Industrial Blade Goes to Space

Leverwood cut off blade for International Space Station

As a leader in both domestic and foreign knife blade manufacturing, Leverwood takes pride in every order that we receive. With some of the best industrial blades and products on the market, you could say that Leverwood blades are “out of this world”—literally. For the first time ever, a Leverwood product is heading to space! […]

Choosing the Right Blade for Your VFFS Equipment

Potato chip bag sealed by VFFS machine

If you’re reading this article, you likely already know that “VFFS” stands for “Vertical Form Fill & Seal”. The VFFS equipment industry is a fast growing industry and utilized in the packaging of products manufactured and distributed by a vast number of companies around the world including; food processing, beverage, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and electronic to […]

Why Leverwood Tray Sealing Knives Are Right for Your Business

Meat in plastic container with plastic sealing

As a manufacturer that creates machinery for other manufacturers, you know that your products have to be top-of-the-line to be competitive. With so many industries using your machinery, you need to make sure every detail is perfect—right down to the type of blades you use. For example, if you produce tray sealing machines, you’ll want […]

Laser Cutting vs. Water Jet Cutting: Knowing the Difference and When to Use Which

Laser cutting machine cutting metal

Laser cutting and water jet cutting—as a manufacturer, you likely already know what both of these are, or have maybe even used them in your own business. While both processes have been around for a few decades now, they are both considered relatively new, and only continue to grow in popularity. Technology has made significant […]

How Does a Plastic Extrusion Machine Work?

Plastic Extrusion Machine

As a manufacturer of piping, tubing, insulation, or any other plastic composite product, you likely already know what an extrusion machine is, but may be wondering if it’s right for your high-volume manufacturing process. Whether you are about to purchase a plastic extruder or already own one, Leverwood Knife Works understands how important it is […]

Comparing the Best Materials for Making Converting Knives

Knife making machine

Within all of the various converting industries, keeping your machine blades at top-notch performance is extremely important. From shearing or slicing, to folding and scraping, your machine knives are imperative in making all of your processes run smoothly. A certain level of accuracy and precision is a must, so selecting the right blade and materials […]

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