How Our Custom CNC Knife Grinder Can Improve the Edges of Your Industrial Blades

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As one of the world’s leading industrial knife manufacturers, Leverwood Knife Works knows the importance of  precision knife-grinding machines. We provide our customers with the cutting-edge success their businesses demand. No matter what your industrial manufacturing business demands—from food processing and printing to paper cutting, packaging, and converting—Leverwood is here to help. We know that when your business requires precision industrial blades for shearing/cutting, chopping, perforating, folding, scraping, sealing, or slicing—it all starts with an ultra-precision knife-grinding machine.


Today, we’ll be exploring a bit more about what knife-grinding machines are and what they’re used for. We’ll also discuss the new, custom knife-grinding machine developed by Leverwood and the difference it can make for your business.

What Are Knife-Grinding Machines?

A knife-grinding machine, or grinder, is used to sharpen the teeth or put a sharpened edge on blades. While there are many different types of grinders out there—for a wide variety of applications—most operate in one of two ways. The first is through a power-driven, abrasive grinding wheel that is spun and traverses across a fixed workpiece. The second is where a workpiece is moved towards a grinding head as the head remains fixed in place. While this may be the general theory, our engineers will perfect the process.

Why Do We Develop Our Own Custom Knife-Grinding Machines?

As an experienced industrial knife manufacturer, we understand the concerns and demands of the industry. One of the prevailing pain points for our customer’s concerns is lead times. They need them to be shorter, and understandably so! Another commonly voiced customer concern has to do with how to handle volume increases efficiently.

To solve these and other customer problems, we began investigating the myriad of knife-grinding machine options available for the type of industrial work we do. However, much of what we looked at just doesn’t measure up to the exact specifications we need. So, we custom-design our own!

This endeavor involves our entire team’s efforts to ensure that we create a custom knife-grinding machine that will produce results both for our customers and us. The whole process takes around nine months from start to finish, beginning with our earliest conversations and through to the various development stages—researching, planning, and prototyping—until we reach our final, fully-realized custom CNC knife grinder.

At the end of the process, we’re proud to have developed another state-of-the-art, custom knife-grinding machine that’s specially designed for operator ease of use while delivering ultra-precision accurate blades.

Leverwood & Our Custom Knife-grinding Machine Can…

Save You Time!

Thanks to our new custom knife-grinding machine, we’ve increased our volume capabilities, so we’re swiftly able to tackle any of your blade manufacturing requirements. We’ve also been able to reduce our made-to-order lead times significantly. When you need them the most, we’ll get you the blades you need!

Additionally—on most standard items—we can provide same-day quotes. Have you heard about our in-house stocking program? It’s the easy way to quickly get the industrial machine knives you need while reducing your inventory storage needs and ensuring reorder processing is kept to a minimum. Need to ship directly to third parties or private labeling? We do that too!

Save You Money!

By utilizing a lean manufacturing process, along with our huge inventory of raw materials, we’re able to produce blades quickly and at the most competitive pricing. This helps to greatly reduce your total costs, so, in turn, you can run your business more efficiently.

Save You Stress!

You have enough to worry about with your operation, don’t let poor-quality blades become another headache. Leverwood helps you buy with confidence by ensuring all of the custom industrial blades we produce go through a rigorous and well-documented QA process. Plus, when you need to modify an existing design or specifications, our sales engineers are here to help.

Leverwood Is Your Industrial Knife Manufacturer That’s Ready for Every Application

Leverwood Knife Works is a cut above the rest. Located in Red Lion, PA, we’re one of the world’s leading manufacturers of custom, precision-ground industrial blades. Leverwood’s custom industrial cutting blades are utilized by almost all manufacturing industries, including packaging, paper converting, food processing, printing, bag manufacturing, recycling, and many more. To get a FREE quote or to have us answer your questions, please contact us today!

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