Industrial Sachet Forming Knives: Everything You Need to Know and Why We Recommend Them

Blank foil sachet formed packaging or four-sided seal pouch on white background

Packaging machines—they’re essential for a lot of industrial businesses like pharmaceuticals, electronics, and more. But each machine is unique, with its own set of parameters, needs, and specifications for production. One of those production elements, industrial machine blades, also have their own set of requirements—this is where Leverwood’s expertise comes in. From film wrapping to vertical form fill sealing (VFFS) and everything in between, we manufacture blades for many types of machines, but there is one in particular, we want to discuss today—sachet forming knives.

Here at Leverwood, we understand that packaging machine knives and blades are essential to performing superior and clean cuts to a variety of manufacturing industries. With that in mind, we wanted to discuss sachet forming knives in today’s post and why we recommend our blades for your machines.

What is Sachet Form Packaging?

Sachet packaging, also known as packets or four-sided seal pouches, is quite common in packaging machines. These pouches are formed by running packaging laminations through a VFFS or HFFS (horizontal form fill sealing) to seal all four sides of the packaging together.

Ketchup packets, alcohol wipes, sugar—all of these and more are typical examples of sachet packaging, but pouches can be used for an endless variety of applications. Most of the time, the material used needs to be resistant to tears, chemicals, moisture, and more. The pouches also usually have easy tear perforations to open them. We commonly create sachet forming knives for manufacturers that have all of these specifications and more to help streamline the high-speed packaging process for their business.

Common Uses for These Industrial Packaging Blades

Here at Leverwood, we provide industrial blades for a wide variety of industries. Our sachet forming knives and packaging blades are often some of our most requested products, and for a good reason! When your machine is continuously running and cutting, you need high-quality blades to keep up, so your products’ quality isn’t affected. We’re very familiar with food and meat products, hardware, pharmaceuticals, electronics, and much more. Here are just a few types of packaging machine knives that we’re most familiar with:

  • Form Fill & Seal Machines
  • Tray Forming & Carton Sealing Machines
  • Sachet Forming Machines
  • Tamper Evident Machines
  • Vacuum Packaging Machines
  • Film Wrapping Machines

Why Leverwood’s Sachet Forming Knives are Superior

When the industrial blades on your packaging machine don’t make the cut (literally and figuratively), it’s time to turn to Leverwood. Not only can we provide you with the most superior sachet forming knives and other packaging blades, but our blades will also help improve your manufacturing process.

With over 25 years of experience in the industrial blade industry, Leverwood is always excited to help customers find solutions to their packaging blade needs. We utilize only the best materials for our blades and ensure they’re made with precision and accuracy, getting you the highest quality cut in the market. As a result, you’ll have faster lead times and be steps ahead of your competition.

So whether you need sachet forming knives or another type of packaging machine blade, Leverwood is here to help. Contact us today for more information, and see how we can help you with your next project!

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