Leverwood Industrial Blade Goes to Space

Leverwood cut off blade for International Space Station

As a leader in both domestic and foreign knife blade manufacturing, Leverwood takes pride in every order that we receive. With some of the best industrial blades and products on the market, you could say that Leverwood blades are “out of this world”—literally. For the first time ever, a Leverwood product is heading to space!

In either November or December of 2020, a Leverwood blade will be on one of the planned launches to the International Space Station.

The Johnson Space Center reached out to Leverwood to manufacture a blade for them with precise specifications in mind, and our team was more than happy to accommodate.

The blade in question is one of our cut-off industrial blades, manufactured from a modified 420 stainless steel. It will be used in a proprietary project on the ISS, and we’re thrilled that one of our blades will be used in such a unique and advanced project 240 miles above the Earth’s surface.

Why NASA Chose Leverwood Industrial Blades

Sending any material into space is a big deal. Specifications have to be followed precisely, which is why Leverwood always works so hard to bring the highest level of precision and accuracy to every project. All of the materials that we use here at Leverwood are of the highest quality and grade as well.

From custom blade materials to coatings, we’ll help you fit specifications for any type of project. No matter your industry—food, packaging, converting, and more—Leverwood is here to help with all of your industrial blade coating and material needs. Reach out to us if you have any questions about our industrial blades, and we’ll be happy to get your project going.

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